Demolition and Bunny Ears

After breakfast Colin went out for a meeting while I stayed at the house to help get things ready for the kitchen demolition. I removed everything from all of the cupboards and put the dishes in the cabinet that the previous owners had left and everything else stacked in a corner or on the table. I was still emptying the last cupboard when Neil was already tearing down the other ones.

D780F0F4-C6F5-4567-A9BC-F1D5FEB9A8ADWalked down to the bar with Colin to watch the end of the day’s Giro, then went with him to get some groceries in Marsciano. After that it was up to Perugia to the home supply store to check on the status of what he had ordered. Many things are there for pick up except for the stove hood that will be another week or so. There will be enough other things to keep Neil busy, though.

While cleaning out the cupboards earlier I had moved the tv antenna a few inches to the side so I could put some things on the window sill and it dramatically changed the tv’s reception – apparently it’s extremely sensitive and I totally messed it up. We all took turns trying to adjust it to little avail.

Had a late dinner of chicken curry over basmati rice, then fairly early to bed.

Friday morning I slept in a bit – jet lag catching up with me I guess. Colin and Neil went to Marsciano to pick up some stuff while I watched Italian tv – their coverage of the Giro is far more than what I got at home. There’s about 2 hours of pre-race stuff, including lots of info about the start and finish towns and sites along the route. I can understand less than half of what they say – they talk so fast – but I can usually get the gist of what they’re talking about. About half way thru the race there was what I thought was a really long commercial – I finally figured out that it was actually a different show and I had to change the channel to continue watching the race.

Neil managed to fix the tv reception – the antenna is now about a foot from where it used to be and the ‘bunny ears’ are in a completely different position but it works perfectly once again.

After the day’s race was finished we headed down to the bar for a couple of drinks. My first glass of wine was bit off so with the second I got a free bottle of water. Unfortunately I didn’t look at the label when I chose the bottle and was un-pleasantly surprised when I opened it and it was fizzy. I choked down a couple of gulps and gave the rest to Colin.

There are lots of cats in the village and Mo knows where every one of them are. She’s actually fairly unaggressive to most of them – if they run she’ll try to go after them but if they just sit and look at her she doesn’t seem to know what to do. The village has many beautiful little touches such as window dressings and old murals on walls. There are also parts of very old ruined walls covered with ivy here and there.

Back at the house we had pizza for dinner and another fairly early night.

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