Ride, Work, Work – wait – I’m retired!

Yet another sunny morning promising to be a hot day.  Did yoga, then went for a bike ride. Headed east, then took a side road south that curved around back towards Papiano – it was the back road that I had taken Mo for a walk on and met the ferocious dog on the foggy morning a couple weeks ago.

6342C0E5-A09C-40DB-94AA-AD001AD54E9CTurned around and took another side road to the north – it ends up at a T where you can turn either right or left.  On the corner is the local ‘community stadium’, which is just an overgrown patch of dirt surround by a falling down fence and no bleachers or anything.

Turning left (west) was a fairly steep hill with excellent views across to another village on a hill – eventually got onto the road that led back down to Papiano.  I enjoyed the downhill much more than the up and glided past the ‘other church’ ending up at Poppy’s where I had a nice cappuccino.

6DB92DB8-340F-48DE-AA5A-B8A14F5D0219Back at the house it was time to get to work – I emptied out the china cabinet and washed everything in it while Colin vacuumed, washed and re-stained the tile floor.  We moved the cabinet to a different wall then I re-filled it with all of the clean glasses and dishes.

On the way down to Poppy’s for our usual nightcap I checked the planter that I’d deposited the injured bird into yesterday – no sign of it, although there did seem to be a fair amount of soil on the pavement around it.  I think it’s likely dead bird, happy cat.

3E6F143F-1AC6-4A19-B1CF-F9B49826FDDFMonday was another beautiful day with a bit of work mixed in.  I cleaned the fridge, and while the freezer was defrosting went with Colin to the pottery place we’d passed on the road to Perugia.  He picked out two fairly large pots with flattish backs and pretty designs on the fronts, then headed to Marsciano and got a beautiful jasmine plant to put in one of the new pots.  He already has a clematis, and Neil had fixed an extra fence section to the back wall to be used as a trellis for the climbers – it’s going to look awesome once they get going.

5891223B-E723-4E26-8CEF-39077352F19EBack at the house did a load of laundry in the machine, then put them to dry on the rack outside – didn’t take long.  Watched a recap of the day’s Dauphinee – can’t wait to get up there for the final couple of stages.

Went to bed fairly early for once, foregoing the evening trip to Poppy’s.


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