Saturday was another gorgeous day – started getting hot by 9 or so.  I swept the outside stairs and the terrace from all the dust caused by the air-con installation, then spread out the yoga mat for another nice stretch.  

C7508FAA-043A-4FDE-9497-BFD18060D04CJust after noon we left for a day-trip to Trevi, which was very lovely.  We had lunch at a little place on the main square – we both had the lasagna-of-the-day, which was very good – tasty, with lots of cheese.  There were 3 or 4 eating places all next door to each other on one side of the main piazza, with a large parking area for cars and tour busses.  I thought they all had inside restaurants and we were just at the small outside area but, at least the one we were at, was more like just a kitchen and small counter area for 2 or 3 people to sit and drink, along with a very tiny bathroom.

After lunch we took a walk around the old part of the town – it’s quite high on a hill so has sweeping views of the whole valley below, including Foligno to the north and Montefalco to the west.

4A56AD34-2C6C-45ED-84AF-3736D0DF83B9The town is really pretty, with many beautiful lanes, doorways, flowers, wall paintings, etc.

 It was lovely to walk around and everywhere I looked there was another thing of beauty or interest, whether it was a painting, a flower pot or a door-knocker, or simply the lane itself.

Back in Papiano again when we were walking from the campervan to the house I noticed what I thought was a dead bird in the middle of the lane – but it was actually still alive.  I told a fellow down the way about it and that is wasn’t dead yet and he said ‘oh well – that’s life – or I guess that’s death’. We had left-over meat-loaf for dinner followed by our daily trip down to Poppy’s for a nightcap.  On the way back I saw that the bird (a lark) had flapped and flopped its way down to the small piazza/parking area near the house so I tried to help it – I picked it up with two hands (and got bitten on the finger) and lifted it into a nearby plant in a large pot.  Maybe it’ll survive and maybe not – as the man earlier said….238B4975-3FA2-48F7-9355-3AE8B231CA51

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