Meeting Friends, Ride to Mouton, Yardbirds

Finally did yoga again, then after lunch went out with Colin to the bar.  The local cycling club was leaving on a ride from the square across the road and Colin was there to see them off.

9FB9B16C-838F-418A-BD14-AC42C4227A36Later in the afternoon we went for a drive to Fontenille to see some friends of Colin’s, Tony and Joyce, who also happen to be Neil’s ex-in-laws.  Tony had framed a couple of posters for Colin, and has a wonderful workshop where he does paintings and other artwork.

7737A1E7-9EBA-46DC-9B10-E5747AA7DC3FTheir house and yard have been completely re-done (by Neil) and it’s a very beautiful and inviting place.  I especially liked the corner water feature and hanging flower baskets. We ended up visiting for a couple of hours – they seem like very nice folks.

61D4348C-55A6-475D-BE96-EB09E4E168F0Thursday I actually went for a bike ride!  It was really nice to be out again, and I covered about 18 km – not much, but fresh air and exercise just the same.

CED5C832-DA39-47F4-9841-57FCC6086710I rode as far as the village of Mouton, and then down a couple of side roads to see where they went.

0E099A59-F04F-4F73-9E1F-1707DB7C1CAAStopped at the bar for a quick glass of wine, then dropped my camera back at the house and rode to the store to get fixings for BBQ burgers for dinner.  

98D55FC2-3534-44E7-BFCB-B17E442BBABCA little later Colin and I went down to the bar – the very nice lady that owns it always gives me the kissy kissy cheeks now, and Mo loves her because she always gets treats from her.

053F9A97-AF08-4A86-8739-985A94495259There’s a yard on the walk home that has a curious collection of bird ornaments that are very cute.

8AD4BC33-2A02-4DAA-A731-93AFDA642FE0Burgers were delicious – Neil manned the BBQ while I did the fried onions and mushrooms.


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