No luck at La Cagouille, but Lac Saules fills in

Did yoga again, with Mo doing her own version on the rug beside me.  Colin took me out for lunch – we went up to La Cagouille in Ville Jesus and when we went to park Colin commented about the lack of vehicles in the parking area.  We wondered if maybe it was closed, but the door wasn’t locked so we went in – the place was completely empty.

We soon found out why – the chef/owner saw Colin and was very sorry, but they wouldn’t be able to serve us and just then his wife/co-owner came out and said the same thing.  They’re actually expecting a tour group to arrive for a set lunch and will be completely full. Too bad – I wondered to Colin on the way back to the car if they might just put a little table outside the back door for us and slip us the leftovers…

D0EBA9F0-0EAE-4FDB-90C3-947588CE3859Went instead to a small ‘snack bar’ at the nearby ‘lake’ Saules (willows).  The menu was actually a portable blackboard featuring a choice of 3 entrees, 3 main courses, and 3 desserts, with prices varying according to how many of the 3 courses you chose.  We both ordered the warm sheep-cheese salad, and I asked for the veal with mushrooms while Colin got the lamb. After taking the orders the waitress (who was extremely nice and spoke pretty good english) said she wasn’t sure if there was any of the veal left but would check.

I ended up with the lamb, but that was quite alright.  The sheep-cheese salad was excellent, and the lamb was falling-off-the-bone tender.  Along with the quite good red wine to wash it down with it was a really nice meal.  Mo was so good and quite we hardly knew she was there, sitting under the table waiting patiently for handouts.

7FD2DDD0-A2EB-4BC6-87B5-75E79E668BDDThe place also is a campground, along with fishing rights.  There were a couple of tents, and at least one fellow fishing at the time.  They call it a lake but I’d call it a pond – not very big, but apparently does have good fishing – carp and trout, from what I could understand.

After lunch we went by the village of Ligne to visit some more friends of Colin’s, Elizabeth and David.  

1E99394E-13C9-4050-A952-642E55E903F5They have a just lovely (and fairly large) stone house that must have had a good deal of renovations.  They were very nice, and we stayed and chatted for about an hour or so before heading back to Mansle.

15EB7812-FFCF-4B0A-8CFE-6CE4349A315FStopped at the bar on the way home for a quick glass of wine (me) and half-beer (Colin).  As we had had a rather large lunch neither of us really wanted a full dinner so just had bread and cheese.

Stayed up way too late watching tv after Colin, then Neil, went to bed.

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