Market, Charity Shop, Mini-Sausages

56F6DD7F-F1C7-44C1-B778-421D07AADB87Left around 9:30 for the weekly market in Lezay – it was smaller than the huge one we went to last year in Rouillac, but was pretty impressive none-the-less.

8673ABDE-8AE2-489A-9C9E-8015FA287B48There were lots of nice cheeses, meats, etc, as well as a bunch of junk.  Also the live animals and birds – including lots of bunnies, some raised and some wild (poor little things must be terrified).

F9444F0C-F17F-4AB4-AA87-D6AC680FB7DEAfter the market we stopped by the charity shop at St. Soline which raises money for and supports animal shelters, etc.  

9DBD9522-A595-4EAF-B93B-ECAB49DB84EBWe walked around a bit and Colin spent some time in the ‘book shop’ picking out paperbacks and 80’s cd’s.  

We had tea and a sandwich in the cafe, visited the ‘for adoption’ doggies, including a jack russell-cross with a head-cone on, then headed to Ruffec for groceries before going home.

While trying to carry more than I should have downstairs I dropped the laundry soap on the floor and it split open and almost emptied itself.  I never realized before quite how sticky laundry soap is – I must have used half an industrial-sized paper towel roll trying to mop it up, then resorted to a floor mop and water.  

While Colin and I were involved in cleaning up the mess Mo was busy upstairs cleaning up something else – she had gotten into the grocery bag and removed the mini-sausages the Colin had bot for her – she had eaten the entire bag!  

By the time we had cleaned up the laundry soap it was too hot to go for a ride, so I just stayed inside out of the heat and read a book until we walked down to the campground for dinner just before 8:00.  Colin and Neil both got burgers while I chose pasta.

9E4CE530-1B26-457A-8153-697919587266Mo was acting a bit strange – I think digesting all that sausage was very tiring for her and she was pretty lethargic.  She didn’t look quite like a python that swallowed a goat, but she was a bit rounder than normal.

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