Testing Miss GPS

I created a nice ride route on Bike Maps and downloaded it to the Garmin app on my ipad, which I then sent to my GPS device.  Colin helped me attach the mount on my handlebars, then I was off to see if it actually worked for me.

5A88475D-D766-4482-A29C-8273524ECA27Colin mentioned that it had just started to drizzle, but by the time I was a block away it was just pouring.  I decided to keep going – I had my rain jacket on but was a little concerned about my camera – the case is ‘water resistant’, not ‘waterproof’.  Luckily the hard rain didn’t last long, and it eventually stopped altogether – my camera and everything else in the case were fine.

The GPS seems to work just like the one in Colin’s campervan – it shows how far to the next turn, as well as your current position within a moving 2 km or so map.  It beeps when a turn is coming, and gets very excited when a wrong turn is taken. I ignored this at the very beginning because I had a particular road I decided to follow to get to St. Groux, and after it got over it’s beeping frenzy it reset itself and adjusted to a new route.

D4EBAE77-054D-4882-98B4-666D2F208065I followed the directions and it led me exactly where I’d set it for – east from St. Groux to Bayer, then south thru Puychenin and Fontclaireau before going under the highway and down the long hill back to Mansle.

FB56A729-A9D1-4629-8ECE-C694E3D99737The bar down the road is closed on Mondays so Colin and I walked to the campground bar for a quick drink before dinner.3577A999-8B75-48BD-A1FA-836FA986CF73

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