Walked down to the main square around 9:30 to meet Colin – he’d left earlier to pick up the cycling club’s van for a ride today.  It took me awhile to get on the way – I just could not find the right key to lock the door. I had to message Colin about my dilemma and he said to just close the door and the gate and come on down – after all the ferocious guard dog was staying at home so no one would dare enter (and Colin had the key).

485D4327-ADA3-4A7E-A128-64A6E523E356There ended up being two groups going out – the very little ones went one way, but we were following the older ones – four boys along with their coach Michele and another adult, an englishman, Paul.

They rode first of all south a bit, to where they were doing an individual time trial.  Colin and I parked about half-way around the course where a side road into a village met the road they were using for the TT.  

F7B84FFC-4A34-448B-9857-74FBB3885906We stood at the corner to warn any cars coming out that there were riders on the road – and we were actually useful.  A small car was coming out just as a rider was about to round the corner – we motioned for them to stop and they did – rider was safe and the folks in the car were perfectly happy at being stopped for him to pass.

66C22926-0E9C-4ADB-8A60-0B058008753EAfter their TT the riders went for a small tour about the area, then back to Mansle.  I walked home while Colin returned the van to the garage.  At around 2:00 we drove over to Michele’s house and met his wife Florence – they are going to stay in Colin’s house in Papiano when they vacation in Italy next month.  We visited for awhile and showed them photos of the house and the village from my ipad and left them the keys.  They have a lovely house with a fairly large yard and garden – very peaceful and beautiful.

B57AF98D-469F-4B7F-B301-CAC0282B3071When we got home we found the Miss Mo-Mo had left a protest ‘business’ on the floor – she had really wanted to come with us!  We walked down to the bar for a glass, followed that up with a walk further to the campground bar, watched a bit of footie, then back to the first bar.  Mo especially likes the first bar as she always gets treats there, but people make a fuss over her no matter where we are.

CB4FFFF3-D118-4AE2-9ECE-B27FD264D88BBack home we had lasagna for dinner, then I face-timed Dominic.  I saw (and heard) both of the kitties – Sly purrs as loud as a motorboat, and Merlin squeaks like a large mouse.  Both are demanding combs and cuddles twice as much from Dominic since I’m not there – miss them all!

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