Evening in Getaria

After a very hazy morning the sky cleared and it got hot again.  We spent most of the day reading in the shade at the camp – took Mo for a little walk at one point but mostly did very little.

F33F5BDC-88F3-4FF1-8A0E-A1C31AC08C28Early in the evening we went out to the little town just west of here – Getaria.  It also has a very popular beach, and a small but thriving-looking fishing fleet.

7125E816-6FDA-4B79-9C7A-A66179284E48The parking meter was a bit challenging, but once that was mastered we headed past the beach and harbour and towards the town.  

E15B8C32-ED91-4DF1-A64B-891002F9C7D4In the harbour was a replica of an old sailing ship.  There were folks on it that seemed to be cleaning it up and getting it ready for something.  It smelled quite bad – like tar or oil.

09CCBA57-B303-450B-ADA4-6C975E18AE14We stopped first at a cafe/bar overlooking the water – it was a lovely spot but was marred by the motorcycles that drove right past between the tables where the pedestrians walk over to the next bar or two – it was a dead end and they all ended up coming back sooner or later – very unfortunate.  When I went inside the cafe/bar I saw that they also sold things – wine, cheese, dried meat (pork?) and jellies.

To get to the town you had to walk thru a small pedestrian tunnel, which was full of young black men selling shoes – the shoes were set up all over the stone path on both sides, but at least the young guys selling them weren’t aggressive.

1EE33EA8-A7C7-4B13-8CC6-53A88FD0333EThe town is very pretty, but seems quite touristy – it’s on the Camino trail, and obviously attracts lots of other tourists.  We went up what seemed to be the main street, and down the next, cutting back over to the first one to try a tapas bar we’d passed.  Luckily these streets are car-free and there were lots of people strolling around – it was very pleasant.

C9976094-AE68-4C90-8A94-56A803CAC302The bar we went into had cycling on tv – European indoor track championships, I believe.  They had many different tapas out on trays, and when you ordered they gave you a little plate – you just went along the bar and picked what you wanted, and they counted the wooden skewers after to see what you owed.  The things I tried were delicious, and Colin said he really liked what he’d chosen as well.

At one point a little girl came in – she couldn’t have been more than two and her parents were at a table outside – and held up a coin.  I thought she said she wanted a donut, so picked her up and let her ask the bartender. She actually wanted some olives so he gave her a small bowl of them and she was so happy!  I gingerly put her down so she wouldn’t spill them and she toddled off with her prize. She was just adorable – she came back in a bit later with her father and walked over to me – I crouched down to her level and she touched my earings and white shirt saying they were pretty.  She made up for all of the screaming brats so far!AB5F9142-0A71-4B41-AAB5-7CE215A22DCD


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