Night of Fireworks

Had some of the left-over roast chicken in a salad for breakfast, then went for a nice coffee-creme with Colin at a different place – the Black Cat – since the Penalty Bar is closed today.  Otherwise a fairly quiet day, but that’s ok because – I’M RETIRED!!

2A781BA2-7EA3-4EE2-8586-ACC404CC523BI was reading in bed when around 11:00 I heard some loud booms – I remembered that there were fireworks tonight so ran out onto the deck.  They were happening down around the campground – I ran back in side and grabbed my camera, and this is it…..69EDD0EB-E6F6-4DED-81A4-26D007216DD99BF62D36-6842-42FD-BE86-E378F1CBC92F338086D0-2D52-4442-B32A-3C4E53098A90AF8B076B-5068-4D89-9771-14E0F541D64434C96649-1158-4E1D-B244-D084C970633502186870-2175-4260-9FDB-FC74F1945580

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