Riding in a Fog, Two Feasts

Didn’t ride out on Saturday morning because Colin had a bunch of running around to do in Angouleme.  First stop in the city was a place he got a dog-tag for Mo – if she ever goes off on her own again she’s got her name and Colin’s cell number on her now.

31E195BF-4D9C-4909-B36A-07A16F25DDF0Went to several other places then got home just after noon.  We thought we’d go down to the bar for a drink, thinking that the special meal we said we’d partake of was for dinner tonight, but when we saw the bar full of the Brits and others we realized that it wasn’t a dinner but rather lunch.

Colin had asked for mussels and I had requested the fish – and it was a very tasty feast.  Just before we left Edithe asked us to join her in having a Cognac – bit of a mistake on my part.  I drank water after every sip, but it didn’t sit well.

2AF13472-5998-4FF4-9B08-88088ACC8DD7I felt like the snake that had swallowed a goat – all I could do when we got home was sit and try to digest – although that wasn’t until after I had barfed up the Cognac.

E56EEB01-701D-4EF7-9919-F7D77D61B13EWe did go for a nice ride on Sunday, and Neil joined us for the first part.  It started out very foggy, but as we climbed a hill and turned east the fog lifted and it was suddenly bright and sunny.  Neil left us to go on a more ambitious ride while we headed towards home.

07D7EEF7-44B5-4538-AFA7-D6653585D9FFAs we approached Mouton we realized something was going on – first we thought ‘oh – there’s a really great turnout for church today’, but that wasn’t it.  The main street was blocked off to traffic and was lined the whole way with tables full of ‘things for sale’. It looked like every single person in the town was cleaning out their attics, garages and barns and seeing if they could sell it.

F84A5B0A-433A-4346-9E03-6811BDBCD908Back in Mansle at the bar for the usual coffee we chatted a bit with some of the Brits.  The church bells go especially crazy on Sunday – at about 10:05 they go mental for at least 5 or maybe 10 minutes.  They don’t even play a tune – just bong and bong and bong. Then same clammering again at noon – I would love to climb up and cut the cables just to get some peace and quiet.

Had a delicious roast chicken and potato dinner and a fairly early night.

Monday was another non-riding day as Colin had calls to make and I used that as an excuse to not go out.  Had a fairly lazy day followed by a really nice evening.

5EF6E5A4-B54D-44ED-92B9-BD7F8E48B8F6We had been invited to dinner at Michele and Florence’s house as thanks for Colin letting them stay in his house in Papiano in July along with their son.  We got there around 7:30 and the table was set outside on the terrace.

The dinner was just lovely – it was five (!) courses starting with olives, cheese and shrimp with dip.  It was accompanied by an aperitif that was based on cognac, but very diluted – it went down much better than what I had on Saturday.

The second course was cantaloupe with parma ham – not something I would have thought went together but turned out to be an absolutely wonderful flavour combination.

The main course was a layered baked dish of salmon, spinach and potatoes in a creamy sauce – very tasty, and we had a rose-type wine with it.  The next dish was a cheese plate – my favourite was a soft sheep cheese. For dessert was a pear tart with almonds – the pears came from their own trees, and with that we got a sparkling low-alcohol wine.

Michele and Florence are both teachers and they are planning to retire next year.  They said they loved being in Papiano and using Colin’s house was a wonderful base to make day trips from – and the air-conditioner he had installed was very appreciated.  Their son is currently living in Paris and is well educated and speaks English very well.

Back at home after 10:30 I once again felt like the snake/goat creature.  

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