Dogs, Ducks, Drinks

Went for a nice ride with Colin on Tuesday morning followed by our usual coffee stop at the bar.  Colin pointed out a sign on the outside that I’d never noticed before – it seems they were put on bars in France by the Vichy regime and are dated Sept 24, 1941.  They are still using the same system today, and the IV is a category that determines what kinds of alcohol you’re allowed to serve.

C206C31E-CC7A-495B-8706-4B6913FC0468Went home and had a delicious salad with left-over roast chicken, then headed up to the Charity Shop to look for more books and have a cup of tea.  

A1CE0683-A308-42CF-9135-89D37BA03099As usual they had a couple of dogs for folks to view and maybe adopt – one of them was a large black female that was super friendly.


We took a different route home and stopped in a small town for a drink.  Just before leaving I visited the loo, and by the time I found it I wondered if I was going to be outside with the goats.  

FA40F97F-C30C-44C6-A7D6-A7ED5EC690DDYou entered the restaurant, turned right and went thru a kind of store room, then out a door and turn left towards a weed-covered grassy area.  Just before getting to the grass there was a door on the side with ‘WC’ on it. The washroom itself was small but clean and didn’t smell like goat.

There was a great storm that started in the late evening with fierce winds, soon to be followed by sheet lightening and thunder.  Then the rain came – just poured and poured – the forecast was for hail, but I wasn’t outside so I’m not sure we got that.

Wednesday we didn’t go for a ride – Colin had some business to do in Angouleme so I stayed home with Mo.  I did a quick vacuuming of the upstairs, then did yoga for the first time in many days.

After Colin returned we waked down to the bar and had a drink, then continued onto the campground – passed a mama duck with a large batch of little ducklings – must be her second brood of the year.  

D5E7E525-2D10-46CC-B59D-03344345C1E1At the campground we had a nice walk around the outside of the whole place – Mo got to run around off the leash, which she doesn’t get to do very often.  Walked back up to the Penalty Bar for a second drink, then home for dinner.


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