Camino walking in Austria

Got up at a decent time and spent the morning watching the junior women’s road race on tv. A young Dutch girl won – it was only her second road race ever, and she’d won the world title in mountain biking very recently as well. A Cdn girl came third!
After lunch we went out for a really nice walk – starting along the trail I’d ridden on my bike the other day, then turning up and back along the Camino trail. The Camino in this area seems to be called Jakobsweg, and I don’t think it’s as old as some of the other ‘ways’.
We passed some very interesting looking mushrooms, but I wasn’t at all tempted to pick any and try them for a snack.

It was a beautiful walk that went up a bit, but not too steep, and at one point opened up into the nice wide valley that we drive by on the way to and from Telfs.

FB38ABEF-9276-4CA8-B782-58B46661FB89We passed a house that was made of logs, some with the ‘burrs’ still on them. There were a couple of hang-gliders floating around near the top of one of the mountains to the north.
The village was beautiful – both the houses as well as the little shops.


Rather than turning around and going back on the trail we kept going and in a short while were back on the road towards our apartment. We were only on the road for a bit, then encountered the bike path that we then followed home.
Before actually going home I crossed the road to the metalworking place that has sculptures of animals setup all around.
Right next door were some goats – three adults and two very little kids – so cute, but I wonder why there are so many babies being born so late in the season (we’ve seen a lot of very young calves also).
Relaxed for the afternoon watching the junior men’s road race – very exciting and won by a young Belgian fellow by a fair margin – I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of him in the coming years.

Made a nice beef stew, but it was a little late and neither of us was hungry enough to eat – but that’s ok since stew is almost always better the next day anyway.

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