Another beautiful walk in the Tirol

We took a little trip down into Telf to go to the store, then when we got back we drove into Gasse (which is very close) and parked the car so we could go for a walk further north. We cut across a field to get to the path, and started walking.
We passed a very nice hand-made fence, and some of the boards had the name of the kind of tree it came from burned into it, or burned into a small board nailed to it.
We went by some very nice small farms, and a house that had a very old pair of skies next to the front door, and a black cat that didn’t seem at all bothered by Mo.

We walked until we came to a large gate at the end of the last farm – we could have continued further, probably all the way to Germany, but decided to turn back.
It was a beautiful day and all of the animals were out enjoying the still-green grass, even a deer.
We’ve noticed that the whole area and everywhere we’ve been around here is very neat – the yards are well kept, houses and buildings are well maintained, roadsides are neat and trimmed, and there’s very little garbage visible anywhere.

And we assume it gets pretty cold in the winter – most of the houses have massive stores of wood piled up in sheds, etc.
Most of the houses are chalet-style, with balconies covered in hanging baskets of flowers – it’s just beautiful.
Back at the apartment we had stew for lunch and watched the Under 23 Men’s Road Race – won by a Swiss rider who didn’t do much work in a 3-man breakaway but was able to get away from the other 2 with about 10 km remaining. Good tactics, I guess, but I felt sorry for the young Belgian that came second.

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