Meeting Sally

5256C178-7460-43CD-BD84-5A1D269A9FC9The sky was a bit overcast to begin with so we didn’t get out for a walk until almost 11:00. Mr. Rooster was walking his mini-harem around the yard as we passed, but Mo didn’t seem interested in them and they basically ignored her.
We walked down the path just in front of our apartment and headed north – this time we crossed the road at the bridge and followed the path on other side.
We passed a group of hikers along the way, as well as other walkers that were on their own.
Just before we got to the next village we crossed the road again and found our way to the path I’d ridden on a few days ago to make our way back home.
There are a couple of benches along the way that have a metal cutout naming the places that were involved in the Winter Olympics when they were in Innsbruck – 1976, I think.
There’s also a nice map and display of the local Camino trail – or Jakobsweg, as it’s called here. I must have ridden right past it the other day and didn’t even notice it.
Back ‘home’ for lunch, then we met the dog that’s staying in the next apartment – her name is Sally and she’s very friendly and has a lot of energy. We opened up the gate between our two balconies and Mo and Sally had a great time scampering back and forth between our two apartments.
We watched the Elite Women’s road race on tv – we actually had gone out yesterday morning and scouted out the part of the course that they’re doing loops of – there’s a really long, hard hill and the women today are doing 3 loops and the men tomorrow are doing six so we scoped out where we might want to park ourselves for the men’s race.

A Dutch woman ended up winning, and a Cdn came sixth – not too bad!

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