Getting Ready for Holy Week

Had a fairly leisurely morning starting with a nice hot shower followed by breakfast. I saw a fluffy white cat that didn’t respond when I tried to get it’s attention – I think it’s deaf, but it seemed totally unafraid. It was beautiful with one green eye and one blue.
We left the campground after Colin made arrangements for us to return a couple of times over the next week. There are so many races happening in this area that it’s called ‘Holy Week’ and it’s got nothing to do with Easter – to many Belgians and other cycling fans the Spring Classics are Holy.
We picked a place to head to that wasn’t very far away, and at one point we followed what will be part of tomorrow’s course. It was a famous cobbled section called the Kamelberg and I don’t envy the racers. We passed a large area that will be a VIP viewing section right on the cobbly bit, but we couldn’t figure out where everyone will park – the roads are very narrow and there are ‘no parking’ signs everywhere.
We only drove another mile or two before we took a side road and found a perfect place to park the campervan. There was one other van there already and we pulled in right beside it.
As usual Mo wanted out for a little walk and right after I left the campervan with her the driver of the other campervan got out and started talking with me. At the beginning he confused me a bit because he said ‘I see you next year at the Tour de France’, so I said ‘hopefully’, without understanding what he meant, which was actually ‘I saw you last year….’. As soon as Colin joined us he figured it out – the fellow had saved a spot for us at last year’s TDF ITT near Sourdial in southern France – the small world of cycling fans!
A little after we arrived our Dutch neighbour came over with some bottles – apparently team Sky had been by earlier and their support car had left several bidons – he gave us one each.
Our chosen parking area is across the road from two large houses, each having been turned into art/sculpture galleries. They both have large yards with outside sculptures as well.3BF3239E-EC8E-4331-B677-694D81CCD64D

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