Giant Ants and Roosters

Had a nice little chat with one of the Belgian ladies as Colin was getting the campervan ready to go. There are two couples, each with a large campervan pulling an identical little black and white smart car, and they go down to Spain each September and return home to Belgium each March.
We got on the motorway at a decent time and headed north/northwest past Reims – saw a truck carrying several Maserati, each in it’s own protective cover.
A little later we were passed by a beautiful black car – a McLaren. OK, so not ALL of the most beautiful cars are from Italy.
As usual there are signs along the motorway showing local sites to visit, etc – many in this area, of course, have to do with one of the Wars.

As we approached Lille we had both of the GPS’s going, and I had two map books open at all times. We didn’t like the drive around Lille so turned east a little earlier than planned just to get away from the maze of highways that make up the ring-road around the city.
Most of the round-a-bouts in every place we’ve been have decorations or some sort – flowers, shrubbery, statues, etc. One of them we passed had a large cube with huge ants swarming all over it – kind of creepy.
We found a really nice campground near the town of Zwalm and settled in for a day of rest. They really like roosters here – the one in front of the office is about five feet tall – it’s big enough that it could make a nice meal out of the ants on the round-a-bout.

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