Miserable day for the Dauphine

4F403278-1461-4FE6-8169-771FADB365CEAfter a night of on and off rain the day started out very grey. I took a walk up the road, then back down the other way to check out possible watching spots.
We both ended up staying in the campervan as the rain started to pour again.
I opened up the long side window and took my photos through that, while Colin sat on the front passenger seat and took his photos out the open door window. It worked out very well – we were both dry and warm, and no one was around us or in our way.
There was a two-man breakaway with about two minutes on the peloton – unfortunately for them they didn’t stand a chance.
Froome, as usual, was just like a robot staring down at his power meter the whole time.
Some of the riders had long sleeves and pants, while some were in shorts. A few minutes after they’d passed the rain stopped. I was fairly disappointed with my photos, although still glad I’d been able to stay dry and warm, and my camera was protected.
We were able to watch the end of the race on tv, then left for the next stage, the ITT, near Roanne. Once again I had a destination in mind so we headed towards Saint Andre D’Apchon, which was supposed to be the top of the climb, but was actually on the downhill. We backtracked to the top of the hill and down the other side towards Saint Alban Les Eaux. We found a great place right next to a cemetery – there was already one campervan there and they welcomed us warmly.

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