Stormy Night, Easy Days

7875AFA2-959B-4F56-A592-F6B82437D41EThe spectacular sunset presaged a terrific storm in the middle of the night – first came the lightning, which lit up my room even through the skylight shade, then the thunder and finally pouring rain. It lasted about an hour and a half altogether, and in the morning the terrace was covered with debris.

Colin and I went for a short ride in the late morning, then he drove the team car for the local club in the afternoon while Mo and I sat in the bar chatting with one of the local Brits.
When we got home we did yoga, then when Colin returned we headed down to the campground for a drink and a bite to eat. Neither of us was terribly hungry so we shared a ‘tapas plate’, which was actually very good – it’s difficult to know what to expect when ordering Spanish dishes in France, but we were pleasantly surprised.
The next morning we headed up to the charity shop again and managed to find several good books as well as a tea cozy, which we’d been hoping to find but didn’t think we would in France.
Colin and Neil went for a ride in the later afternoon while Mo and I stayed home and did yoga again. We had a nice late dinner out on the terrace, which I had swept clean from the storm the other night.

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