On to Le Tour

Colin and Neil went for a bike ride one morning while Mo and I stayed home and did yoga – having done it so rarely lately I’m pleased that I haven’t lost all my flexibility.

Then they made some progress towards installing the roller-shutter door in the basement, and Neil also replaced a part in the fridge of the campervan so it will run on gas or battery again.
The next day we said goodbye to Neil – he’s leaving for England before we get back – and got on our way by mid-afternoon. In order to avoid Bordeaux we headed southeast rather than southwest and just past Cahors found a nice little campground in the village of Cabrerets – after being once again mis-directed by Miss GPS. I knew we’d been misled when we crossed a bridge and turned onto a very narrow dirt road. Luckily there was a wide turning space after about a mile and we were able to back-track to the correct road.
There was an older fellow on a bicycle at the campground reception – he told us he was just leaving but we could park wherever we wanted and if he didn’t see us in the morning before we left we could just leave some money in the ‘honour box’.
It was right on a small river in a narrow valley with steep cliffs on either side. Many of the houses were made of the stone from the cliffs and almost looked as if they were built into them.
We found out that the fridge isn’t fixed after all – just barely enough to keep things a bit cool if we don’t open the door often. The drive south to Pau the next day was very pretty – we took small back roads and there was hardly any traffic.
Once again we found that we were on one of the many Camino de Santiago routes.
We went a bit past Pau and picked a spot on the time trial route. An enterprising farmer had opened one of his fields to campervans and a girl was collecting ten euros from each vehicle that entered.
We settled in, got the flags up and watched as more and more people joined us in the field. One campervan got stuck so the farmer came over on his tractor and pulled them out.

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