Sena de Luna

381E4790-8B4A-40FD-B27B-54072D599D27After a warmer sleep – I used the duvet rather than the black blankie for extra warmth – I had another slightly late morning. We did get going before noon on a nice walk that took us around the large outcropping that’s near the campground.
We navigated around it and to the village of Sena de Luna, which is about 1 km from the campground and across the main road. We thought there was a cafe there, but after wandering around and encountering several of the local dogs we were met with disappointment.
There was a hostel, which we took as a hopeful sign, but upon asking a local old fellow where a cafe/bar was he proceeded to tell us how to get to the campground – ha ha!
On one building was a placque on the wall of the ‘virgen of Covadonga’ – apparently there’s a sanctuary at the top of the mountain, which is one of the hardest climbs in the country and is frequently included in the Vuelta.

The tv in the cafe/bar was turned on for us and we got to watch the day’s stage of the Vuelta, with no interruptions for soccer games.
After a nice dinner of bacon, eggs and mashed potatoes we had an early night, and it was a fairly cold one – glad for the extra warmth again of the duvet in my tent.
The next morning promised a beautiful sunny day. I actually did yoga! There are a couple of cement pads poured to house more permanent structures so I spread out my extra ground-cover and put my yoga mat on that – all in a nice spot of sunshine.
As we were getting ready to go for a bike ride the young dutch couple came to say goodbye to us – they’re heading to Santiago de Compestela then on to Portugal before returning home in December. We got on our ride just before noon to San Emiliano for a couple of things from the store there. It was a very nice ride with no steep or bad hills, and fairly considerate cars – Mo was happy as usual in her carriage, just like a little queen.

Back at the campground I had a nice hot shower, we did some laundry and hung it all out to dry as we retreated inside the cafe/bar to watch another stage of the Vuelta.

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