River in the Night

During the night I could hear the wind howling and the rain pouring, even over the sound of the surf pounding, but I was sure I was safe and dry in my tent. Well – it turned out that wasn’t exactly the case. I was safe, and mostly dry, but there was a veritable little river running from right to left under the middle of the tent.

No rain had gotten in from above, but half of the floor of the tent was completely soaked, as was the bottom of my sleeping foamy. Fortunately my sleeping bag, camera and ipad were still dry, but everything else had to be hung out once the rain stopped.

After a much needed cup of tea and a bite to eat we went for a walk along the trail to the west of the campground. After a couple of km we came to a village but there was no cafe or anything open so we returned to the campground.
And I must admit that this was the first time, I believe, that I forgot to take my camera. It’s usually practically another appendage, but I’d moved some of my stuff to my backpack so I could take water bottle, etc, and at the last moment we left with my camera sitting in the campervan. I attempted a few photos with the ipad camera but it kind of sucked – perhaps with practice I could do a bit better, but I do prefer my real camera.

Back at the campground I set my tent up in another spot, hoping to avoid another flood. Another viewing of the Vuelta in the campground’s bar, with the sky looking stormy most of the afternoon.
The next day we drove to Ribadeo for some groceries, then came back along the smaller road that follows the coast.
We stopped at a nice pull-out and had lunch, then continued on, finding the restaurant La Barrica where we’d been two years ago, just down the road from the campground Gaivota that we’d stayed at.
Everywhere along this coast is just beautiful, but we both agree that the campground we’re now at is just perfect – so near the ocean, can’t hear any traffic and – NO KIDS!

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