San Rafael and Foz

While enjoying our morning tea we discussed the campground we were in and agreed it would be best if we left. If the loudspeaker blasting and children screaming are a nightly occurrence then we don’t want to listen.

Packing up was easy as it hadn’t rained and all my stuff was nice and dry. We drove west and a bit north along the coast as far as the town of Viveiro before deciding that we actually preferred the area around Foz better so backtracked to a very small campground just west of the town.
The campground is right on the ocean and is quiet, and most importantly – no kids! It has a nice little bar/cafe, although unfortunately Mo isn’t allowed inside. And I’ve suddenly got a problem with the nifty bluetooth keyboard I have attached to my ipad mini – five of the keys are not responding anymore. I can probably do without the q and the x, but I do miss the r,y and h.

For now I’m using the keyboard on the screen but it really slows me down – I’m used to about eighty or ninety words a minute and the four finger ‘hunt and peck’ method sucks. A good cleaning of the keyboard hasn’t solved the problem, so I’m awaiting a response from the maker of it.
The day we arrived at the campground we asked if the owner would put the Vuelta on for us in the bar, but by the time we found the proper channel the day’s stage had just ended. It looked like a very exciting stage, too, with Valverde victorious on one of the mountain finishes. At least we now know what channel it’s on, though.
After a blissfully quiet night we decided to go for a bike ride into Foz – the road winds right along the coast next to a great walking path.
We stopped at a cafe for a nice cup of coffee, than rode around looking for a bank.
We wondered if there was a festival on or something as we’d seen more than one person with face paint.
At one point we heard some drumming and came upon a large group that were all dressed up with painted faces and were drumming, along with a couple of tamborines, etc. It was very cool!

We stopped at another cafe and had a small bite to eat – I got some ham and cheese croquettes and they were very tasty, although quite filling.
Upon leaving we had a nice ride back to the campground in time to watch the day’s race on tv – at least as soon as the basketball game ended that Spain won by 40 points. We couldn’t change the channel just in case the other country scored as many points in the last few minutes as they had in the last two quarters.

It was very windy and threatening rain for hours, but didn’t materialize before I retreated to my tent for the night.

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