Back to Mansle

We got up and going very early after a very rainy night. Little Mo, after seeming to have recovered from her tummy upset, is now scratching fleas that she picked up in the farmer’s field. The first evening here Colin got over 10 off of her, and now the count is up to about 40!
We headed north towards the coast, most of the way in pouring rain, then east, noticing we’d crossed into France only because the road signs were different. We didn’t go very far after that, stopping at the lovely little campground just outside Souraide that we’ve stayed at a couple of times now.
I had a very nice hot shower while the wind started to pick up, making it back to the campervan before the rain started.
We had a really good dinner of salad with fried chicken strips, then turned in early after the long drive.
It rained off and on during the night but we weren’t in such a hurry to get on the road as yesterday, leaving around 9:30.
We took the motorway up to Bordeaux, managing to skirt the city right around noon without much slowing down.
We arrived back to Mansle in the early afternoon, and it turns out that Neil Sr. had also returned from his trip. We started a couple loads of laundry and relaxed a bit, then ended up going to Tony and Joyce’s (Neil’s ex-inlaws) for bbq dinner.

I’ve met them several times already, and we’d brought back a couple of cases of Rioja for them from Spain. They’re always nice to visit with, and dinner was lovely – pork chops, sausages, fries and salad, all washed down with an excellent beaujolais. And the best part was dessert – rather than sorbet I opted for the fresh figs in amaretto – a bit sweet but totally delicious.

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