Organizing in Mansle

The mornings have been beautiful – sunny but not terribly hot. Colin and Neil went for a couple of bike rides while Mo and I stayed home and did yoga and several loads of laundry. We also got to work cleaning out the campervan – stripping beds, rearranging the Mobile so it’s now underneath, sweeping, etc.
Over the days we visited both bars for coffee, etc, and enjoyed Friday night meal at the Penalty bar. The portions of steak were huge so I’m glad I had the help of three dogs or I never would have finished mine.

We watched the Vuelta each afternoon – it looks like young Roglic from Slovenia might actually pull it off.
The local campground, run now by Cassandra’s brother Laurent, is staying open an extra two weeks since the weather is so nice and they’re still busy, both in the campground and in the restaurant/bar. We chatted for a bit with Laurent’s girlfriend, who is british, and she told us that after the campground closes they go to the Alps where she manages three chalets and Laurent runs a nightclub.

One night we had another one of Neil’s excellent bbq’s featuring burgers with cheese, mushrooms and onions, and a nice side salad – all washed down with some of our last rioja.
One day I went in the morning to request a rotisserie chicken from the new shop on the main street but was told ‘no – they are all reserved’. Apparently if you want one on the weekend you have to ask for it at least a few days ahead of time. The place always seems to be busy and I’m very happy for them – next time we’ll plan ahead better.

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