Ready for What’s Next (?)

351F0BFE-A2DD-47F1-9340-835F695BE5DAUpon leaving our nice parking spot outside the Royal Oak we took the ‘scenic’ route back via Bath.
Over the next few days we took Mo for some nice walks, and another bike ride to Droitwich. I tested the electric assistance a bit more and can tell it will make a big difference on the hills. Once again I split off at Tibberton to follow the canal and trails back to the house.
One afternoon we packed up my beautiful Cannondale into a box ready for shipping home – I have mixed feelings about taking it home, but knowing that I have the beautiful new Cube over here now makes up for it. And it also means that I’ll have a great bike at home now to ride.
Colin planted some new grasses and flowering plants in his back garden and moved Mr. Buddha more to the centre.
With the work that had been done earlier the garden is so much more inviting, although with all of the rain we haven’t actually been able to enjoy it much.
It seems that after so many months and so many adventures that the present and the future are suddenly rushing upon me. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the road I’ve travelled to get here, and where I’m going in the future.
We had a couple of excellent dinners over the last few days – roasted chicken, that I made soup out of later; roast shoulder of lamb, that also made great bunwiches that next day – lots of good food to remember.
I got pretty much packed up on the last afternoon, and we took it easy all day, only going out briefly for a few groceries. Mo has been staying pretty close to me – when I sit in the comfy chair in the living room there’s just enough room for her to lie right next to me.

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