Home – or Just a Dream

I go up just after five, not able to wait until the alarm at six. I was already very organized so didn’t have that much to do, but also didn’t want to be in a rush at the last minute.

We managed to get all my things loaded fairly quickly and were on our way by 7:30. It was a good thing we left with lots of time to spare, as there were slowdowns and roadworks all over the place.
The only parking for an ‘oversize’ vehicle was the pickup/drop off area, so Colin couldn’t come in with me. Luckily the bike box had been paid for already and Colin also paid a porter to manhandle the bike in for me. Not quite ready to leave so suddenly there seemed more to say, but we had no time. A hurried hug with Mo, then one with Colin and I had to go inside.

The lineup to check in wasn’t too bad and the porter waited patiently with my large box and suitcase. As expected the bike box was too big for them to check directly so after being tagged we took it to the oversize luggage area. One again it was too big for the xray machine so had to be searched by hand. This is where the porter said goodbye and a security fellow took over.

He was ever so helpful, and as he led me to the manual security area asked if I had anything other than the bike in the box. I told him I also had the four panniers, two empty and two with my riding gear. As a supervisor looked on he took almost everything out and swiped it all with a wand – luckily nothing made it beep so we packed and taped it back up. The bike went on through while I now headed for my security check.

We boarded the plane on time, but were almost an hour late leaving due to queues for the runways. The flight was long and I got two movies and several tv shows in by the time we got to Calgary, where there was a snow storm brewing.
Since we’d left London so late I hardly had any time to catch my connecting flight – I ran like crazy, following a couple of others, and made the flight with time to spare. Once again we boarded ok but were late leaving, this time because of de-icing.

We finally arrived about an hour late, and once again Air Canada managed to leave my bike behind. They gave me a ticket and told me they would deliver the box when it arrives later, or in the morning. True to their word they delivered it around 9:00 the next morning, and are even reversing the fee paid for shipping.

It’s weird to be back home – the kitties warmed up to me pretty quickly this time and of course it’s wonderful to see Dominic. I had so many wonderful experiences and saw so many beautiful places it’s hard to believe it wasn’t just a dream.

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