Total Lockdown in Papiano!

Things have been changing rapidly here due to the coronavirus – we’re now in full ‘lockdown’.  On Monday only the north of the country was affected by the rules so we went out and tried to get some firewood from a fellow that Colin had gotten some from before.  I managed to say ‘we need…’ in Italian, but didn’t know the word for firewood – luckily there was a pile nearby so I picked up a piece of wood and he got the message.  Unfortunately they aren’t chopping any at this time of year so we went away empty-handed.B9A1FF78-B9C8-49AE-9F4B-6301C797761DAfter that we drove a little further towards Lago Trasimeno and stopped at a little cafe for a very nice cappuccino – sitting outside in the sun in rural Italy and sipping great coffee allowed us to forget for a few minutes what was happening up north.

The next day we got the news that the entire country was now in partial lockdown and the first change we saw in the village was when I went to the store.  There were a couple of ladies outside and I thought they were just chatting but when I went to go in they made me understand that I had to wait until others that were already inside came out.

6F31538F-0B7B-46A5-8588-76C7A0798623The bar was still serving, but apparently they now have to shut at 6 pm and patrons have to keep 3 feet apart from each other.  We were still able to sit outside and it wasn’t a problem, and the dogs still got their usual treats from Antonio.

The next day we drove towards Todi to get some plants from the garden centre – the road had maybe half of the usual traffic, and the local police were visible, although didn’t seem to be stopping anyone from entering or exiting the highway.  We picked up a very nice bamboo plant, as well as a forsythia bush and a small olive tree.

263F264B-AB86-4C90-8CD9-9EF42053E09EWe’ve been using my hand sanitizer, and are careful about getting near anyone, or touching anyone’s hands, etc.  We’re not panicking, but also trying to be careful. So far none of the shops we’ve been in have empty shelves or seem to be running out of anything.  We did buy more food than usual in Marsciano, hoping to go out once a week rather than every few days for supplies.

Next-door neighbour Angelo is home right now so I didn’t catch sight of Chairman Meow for several days after arriving.  He’s put on quite a bit of weight – Meow, not Angelo – likely caused by Colin taking him in for snipping last year, so now he isn’t chasing the female cats as much.

0C349B3B-10FF-4512-927C-101DB434374AWe’ve charged up both of the electric bikes and plan to start going for rides – if we can’t go south to Sicily as planned at least we can still get fresh air and exercise without endangering ourselves or others.

Our dilemma now is where to go next – that is when the lockdown is lifted.  It depends entirely on the progress of the virus in Italy and other nearby countries – can we go south to Sicily in early April, or will it be safer to go up to France?  Wait and see…..

5D7D829A-1B43-427B-8A55-1A057DB36FF8Well, things have changed again – all cafes, restaurants and bars are closed completely, as well as the post office – drats!  We’ll have to make our own coffee now and sit on the terrace instead of down at the bar. And if we want to go anywhere there’s a form we need to fill out stating our destination and explaining why we should be allowed to leave the village.

We got the bamboo split – not easy! – and planted them in the cement boxes that line the patio – they look great.  The boxes on the upper level are now full of colourful primroses that should fill in nicely, as long as Meow doesn’t dig them all out. 


3 thoughts on “Total Lockdown in Papiano!

    1. He is large now, although we’re scared to pick him up and weigh him. He can be very friendly and then suddenly lash out with teeth and/or claws. Funny side note: when I first wrote about him last year I titled the entry ‘snipping Chairman Meow’ or some such, and within two days someone in China had read my blog!! Kind of freaked me out!

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