Life in the Red Zone, Death of a Pigeon

So it’s been pretty quiet in Papiano for the last few days, except for a couple of things.  The first event happened when we had walked the dogs down to the piazza and Colin was sitting with them while I stood outside the grocery store awaiting my turn to enter.  I heard a commotion and Colin yelling ‘no Henry no! Let go!’.

I left my place in line and ran over to find that Henry had a full grown pigeon firmly clamped in his mouth and wasn’t about to let go.  Colin was trying to pry Henry’s jaws open but Henry was hanging on – rather proudly, I thought. Finally between the two of us we managed to convince him to let go – alas it was too late for the pigeon as it was dead.  I picked it up by a tail feather and put it in the nearby garbage bin, then washed my hands in the fountain – Henry was a bit puzzled that we’d taken away his prize.

A5163811-9657-46C1-A9C0-A0CC30151DB2We did go for a ride that same day – lovely blue sky but not too hot.  I realized right away on the first hill that the motor in my bike wasn’t working, which was a big drag as we had several climbs on the roads we were on.

4F4B09FE-13E2-4E86-9878-FF3565F5436BAfter pushing the heavy tank up more than one hill we got to a high point that made easier riding for me back down to the house.  It turned out that all that was needed was a quick cleanup of the contact points on the control pad – problem solved, thank goodness!

BA09735D-9116-4A2E-AD64-C3D4771B70BDThe last two nights there’s been a vehicle driving very slowly through the village with a loudspeaker blaring.  I couldn’t catch much of it up in our ‘medieval’ portion of the village, but we assumed it was about staying home and avoiding crowds – this was verified to us by the brits that we met again on one of our dog walks.

3BA59A4C-6A51-4185-BECE-B4AB1B2CC768We went for another nice bike ride this afternoon, and was it ever nice to have the motor working – some of the back ‘roads’ are very steep.  The wind was so fierce it almost blew us off the road at times, but we persevered. We did notice that there was very little traffic on any of the roads – folks seem to be keeping close to home, as recommended by the authorities.

093EFCBE-7E40-448E-A995-91BA5534087AThere’s more than one home-made banner hung on the balconies of houses down in the piazza coloured with rainbows and the words ‘andra tutto bene’ – everything will be good.

172A4068-540E-4757-8B75-A57FC6A30AEAEven in ‘the red zone’ that we’re in there’s no panic, and the local little store is still fully stocked, including toilet paper – what is it with other places and the obsession with TP?!?

We’re still eagerly waiting for the bell tower to be functional again – apparently they have the funds to retrofit it but the committee can’t agree on exactly what to do – typical in Italy, unfortunately.7598E259-8356-43D9-A62D-16C0D09528EE

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