Home to Papiano via Lago di Piediluco

Leaving Lago di Campotosto was a bit sad, but knowing we’ll be back in Papiano in a couple of days made up for it.

Once again we took our time and enjoyed the ‘scenic’ route – to be honest all routes in this area are scenic, but we weren’t in a hurry.  

9FACBD66-D6F1-4722-8AAF-E9656977529BWe started out by taking the road up behind the village of Mascioni – the one I’d seen the horses on the day before.  No horses this time, but it did wind up, around and down until you could see another part of the lake.

CDC29843-0AFD-4B38-8184-EF122D44A9926D088376-49C6-4F1B-BE82-A40DA1DD77FAWe turned the other direction, however, and wound our way generally west, through the town of Montereale, then further on to a more main road.  

3BB7E2B6-3141-4943-ACC1-72B6DF81842EAfter a bit we stopped for a cappuccino and a quick bite to eat in the town of Terme di Cotilia.  As soon as I got out of the campervan I said ‘I don’t like it here – it stinks’, and we realized we’d parked right outside the hot springs and it smells like sulphur/rotten eggs.

We eventually passed Rieti and got onto another ‘scenic’ road towards Terni, having missed what should have been our exit.  We found the village of Piediluco on the lake of the same name, and drove all the way thru it before locating the campground.  Although very near the lake there is, unfortunately, no access to it from the campground.

C9661542-A8CE-4442-B7F8-6102A18558B3In the morning the light was excellent – mist rising and birds chirping – very lovely and quiet.  

E9A5FAFA-6D08-45E2-AB8E-35B08432F5F2I walked around a bit and saw a cat, then a little further a couple more.  I thought – oh, there are three, no – four.

BDB161CE-21DF-4583-81F4-0BD273A6E2E9In the end I counted seven fairly young ones all at the far end of the campground – it looked like more of a permanent place rather than a short-term one.

A14ACEBC-9938-4493-B2E5-E7094735DA25On our way again we had a fairly easy drive home to Papiano, stopping in Marsciano for groceries along the way.  As we passed through the village we stopped at the bar for a drink before even going up to the house.  Our welcome by Antonio and some of the ‘regulars’ was so warm and friendly – almost as if we’re ‘home’!

The next morning I was using my ipad and unknowingly hit the camera icon – this is the photo I got!  And I am not kidding – I cropped the top and left side a bit, but the accidental photo is real.

FA80FF43-9070-4F32-9A54-B1C1E9585116So appropriate – Italy and sunglasses – such is my life right now….sigh!


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