Finally Heading To The Races – First Stop Toscana

Even though Siena isn’t very far we still left at a decent time in the morning.  We wanted to see the race on one of the ‘white roads’ so headed for the area southeast of the city.  The journey there was thru some very beautiful countryside.

BCDBBD1B-35EE-4B83-A378-92F524265B62We followed two sections of the white roads and decided to go back on race day to partway along the longest section, which starts just outside the town of Asciano.  

ED700D77-FD78-4928-90EF-73DBD4101ACF6AC6020F-E786-48DE-958C-F69D7BD1256BHaving a general idea of where we were going to watch from we went back to the town to a park-for-the-night site and settled for the evening.

96916B35-4484-4218-B690-41228C09C8ABThe next morning we walked around the town a bit, and had a very nice cappuccino at an outdoor cafe.  

61B5A40A-37E6-44AE-81DD-7B3670C42DF3On the way Colin pointed out a building the had lots of windows – but some of them weren’t real, just painted on!

CD2724A8-BBEB-414F-8424-CA4A55494A289DB0E86D-0D3B-4E2D-B230-1A359380B60AF6A10705-01A1-4980-8290-2FAED67DFB6055C508C4-4872-47C6-8F5D-56C0EF2B65CDIt was a very hot day – I tried to have a nap in the afternoon since my energy was so sapped but only managed to doze a bit. 

CFC419A5-FB6B-4987-9BF1-BF05F845EDF9C6E433AF-FD48-4083-BDA0-F73BA1075C01We went back into the town in the evening and had dinner – I had the ‘pork plate’ that was five or six different kinds of pork meat, all of which was just delicious.

818DA1DE-BA12-4B22-A957-46A57D6114E1I did have a bit of assistance from Mo, but managed to do a pretty good job of it.72C80DAA-BD9D-496E-A54A-05E14015889FA46A6DE5-4565-4899-A526-1B1CC2CD0952


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