Long Rides, and To The World’s

The last 10 days were spent in Papiano – enjoying cappuccinos at the bar, and going for nice long bike rides.

I have a couple of favourite places that I go to and am averaging almost 40 km per ride now.

I love the small shrines that are all over the place, as well as the war memorials that every town and village have.

There was another Saturday night dinner at the bar, complete with live music and dancing – a fun evening with good food and good conversation.

We left for Imola on a Wednesday morning – the world championships were moved there from Switzerland because of covid, so lucky for us we got to go.  There will only be four days of racing instead of the usual eight or nine, but it’s better than nothing.

We chose the town of Borgo Tossignano as our base for the first two days – its about the midway point for both the women’s and the men’s individual time trials.  We found a nice paved parking area right on the route, within walking distance of cafes, etc. so it was perfect.

Only one other campervan was there when we arrived – a nice couple from Belgium who, like most Belgians, spoke very good english.

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