Dinner Out, and Brain Piercing

On Friday evening we went out for dinner – we had an outside table and it was lovely – luckily almost the whole area was covered by large umbrellas as it rained off and on almost the whole time.

I made a very nice choice – duck breast with goat cheese sauce and roast potatoes.  It was just delicious and I didn’t even have anything leftover for breakfast – highly unusual!

The next afternoon we went and had a very nice visit with Colin’s friend Jane.  She has a beautiful house a short walk away right on the river and we had a lovely time sitting outside overlooking the large garden and swimming pool.

The neighbour’s cat likes to spend time here – a very cute calico.

Another bike ride on Sunday took us over 41 km in all, including a stop in Aigre for a fairly good cafe creme.

We also popped in for a quick visit with Joyce in Fontenille – Tony was out at the time.  It had just started to rain when we arrived and during our short visit it just poured out.

Luckily there was a break and we made a run for it, arriving home without getting drenched.

We’ve started getting organized for our next trip, including me getting another covid test swab.  I thought – ok, I’ve had one before, this shouldn’t be anything different – wrong!!  I had to stand in the parking lot of the lab/testing place and the swab that approached me was huge.  I went to take out my nose stud and the doctor kind of laughed and said ‘no – not necessary’.  What I think he was really thinking was ‘no – it doesn’t matter at all – we’re going way further in than that’!

It was awful!  I tried to pull away a bit but couldn’t.  I had read a couple of months ago that people described the ‘swabs’ as almost piercing their brains, but after the one I had before I left Canada I thought they were exaggerating, but now I don’t think they were.  I’ve never had anything that far up my nose in my life – it was horrible, but I did survive, and I better pass the test!

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