Quick trip to Papiano and back

On Friday morning the estate agent visited to have a look at the house – it was the same agent that sold Colin the place almost five years ago.  We spent the next couple of days sorting out all of the stuff that we wanted to take down to Spain, with the rest going into the cellar for retrieval when we return with the campervan in October.

We had a nice visit with John and Janet one afternoon at the bar, and then broke the news to Antonio that we were selling the house.  It’s not like we’ll never be back but we just don’t spend enough time there anymore.  There will always be races nearby that we will come to see and whenever we’re in the area we’ll stop by to say hi.

With the trailer crammed full and the back of the car also stuffed we stopped at the bar on our way out of town for a final cup of coffee.  We returned to the same B&B in Susa – not so much traffic this time as the four-day weekend had ended the day before.

We were hungry and followed the B&B owner’s directions to a restaurant in the town where we enjoyed a very nice meal.

It was a bit of a walk but the evening was lovely and we needed the exercise.

There are quite a few war monuments in the town – I believe the Alpine Corps had a large presence in the area – I wanted to call it the ’resistance’ but I don’t think that’s quite right.

At breakfast the next morning there were two french gentlemen that we chatted with for a bit.  They’re partway through a pilgrimage to Assisi and have about 47 days to go.

They didn’t have anything good to say about the Camino di Santiago, however, as according to them it’s far too crowded now – and likely not enough real ’pilgrims’ on it anymore.

We made it back to Mansle in good time the next day – a seven-day trip with four of the days spent driving – not our typical journey.

Over the next couple of days we re-organized the trailer and are being even more particular about what is getting taken to the spanish house.  We need to make room for Henry in the back of the car – Mo sits on my lap but Henry needs a bit more room so not everything we brought from Papiano can continue with us.

We had another good fish and chips lunch at the same place as before, although this time we sat outside and ended up covered in tiny little bugs/flies – likely from the corn fields across the road.  We also enjoyed dinner one evening at the campground – lovely weather these days with blue skies and nice breezes.

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