May 15 – Monday

Got up nice and early so I’d be ready to hit the road with Colin to stake out our spot. Was just finishing breakfast when he and his dogs came up to the bar/store/terrace. Headed past the spot we’d kind of decided on, then went down into Bevagna to pick up some more veggies and prosciutto.

Bevagna from our race-watching site

Back at the site we’d picked there were a couple of dogs on the property across the road, and boy did they like to bark.  Colin moved the van 100 meters or so, which was actually better. We’re just past the top of a small climb, and if we walk just a few meters can see down the hill and to a bend in the road – lots of time to setup shots. It’s right near the ’22 km to go’ marker, not far from the church ‘Madonna delle Grazie’ that I pushed my bike and gear past the day I arrived.

Sat on lawnchairs and ate lunch while dozens and dozens of riders went by. To begin with they were all amateurs, and then the folks that were staying at the campsite. Not sure why I thought they were from Chile, since 6 of the ‘scooter’ riders are Czech, and one is a Fin, but they’re riding the full Giro route a day ahead of the real race, and raising money for a children’s charity.


After a while the real race team cars and riders started coming by and I got some really good shots. The time trial bikes are very different, and with the ‘solid’ back wheel you can hear them coming a mile away – kind of like a very strong wind-whoosing sound.


Montefalco – end of ITT

After about 1:00 it seemed that no more racers would be coming by so I figured it was time to head back to the campground – a 20-25 minute walk.  Many of the roads are decked out in pink.



Turnoff to Pian di Boccio, right after Chiesa Madonna delle Grazie.
I got back just in time – it was already thundering and dark clouds had been rolling in. Right after I put my stuff in my tent it started to pour, and the thunder seems almost on top of us. Luckily my tent is now under a shelter, so I’m not getting wet at all.

The storm lasted about 30-40 minutes, and parts of the sky are now getting brighter. Hopefully the weather will be ok for the ITT tomorrow.

The sunburn I got the other day while riding to Bevagna and back (mostly lower arms) has developed into a rash or something – almost looks like hives, or many small insect bites. Doesn’t hurt or itch (much) but looks like I have a disease. Hope it goes away soon.

Ate my dinner at a table outside the bar- face-timed Dom and the babies. Lots of camper-vans checking in – probably to watch the Giro tomorrow. Had a really nice, long conversation with Jan, the Danish fellow Colin and I chatted with after dinner on Saturday, and his girlfriend. Turns out he was in Israel around the same time I was, although he’s about 5 years younger than me. He was on a kibbutz south of Haifa for awhile while I as on the Lebanese/Syrian border.
They were going in to the restaurant for dinner, and I’m heading to bed early so I can leave asap in the a.m. for my viewing spot with Colin. Apparently the church that we are very near will be having food/refreshments during the day while the race is on, and we may see Jan and others from the campground there.

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