May 30 – Tuesday

A very lazy day…just trying to stay out of the sun and not get burned again. Little kitty joined me for breakfast – cuddled up next to me on the black blanket outside, on top of the ground cover I use for my yoga mat. Went for a walk around a part of the campground I hadn’t explored before – all cabins overlooking the bay between here and the actual town of Stobrec. Lots of white beaches (brought in by the truck-load).
Went up to the terrace bar for lunch and treated myself to the cheeseburger with fries that I craved yesterday – it was pretty good (took half home for dinner). A family that sat down at the next table was reading the menu in English so I approached them as I was leaving and asked where they were from – the Netherlands, it turns out. I mentioned that they spoke English very very well and had wondered if they were perhaps American, or even Canadian – they thought that was pretty funny.

Got some more supplies from the store, including kitty crunchies and canned food (instead of foil packets). Little kitty found me pretty quick and wolfed down two small portions of crunchies followed by two small portions of canned food. He stayed for a little nap on the ground cover, and a few more pats and scratches under the chin. He’s very sweet, but always alert and on edge a bit because of the larger male cat. I’ve identified at least six cats here, not sure how many are male/female, but assume none of them have been ‘fixed’.

Walked to the end of the campground (in the other direction from the cabins) and is it ever big. At the far end is a river flowing out to the Adriatic. A sign on the campground says it has ‘trouts and eels’ and something else I couldn’t figure out that was in danger.
There’s now a nice Swiss couple on one side of me, and another couple with French license plates on the other, but I don’t think its French they’re speaking. Went up to the office to get better directions to the Roman ruins – got it up on Google Maps – the girls told me to follow the main road back towards Split, then follow the signs. They said it was ‘about 3-4 km’ – I bet it’s more like 10–15.

When I came back to my tent there were more neighbours – a couple on a motorbike. Having what was left-over from my cheeseburger for dinner – wondering where little kitty is.
A bicycle rider just arrived who looks like he has almost as much gear as I do! Front panniers, back panniers, added pack strapped on the back, plus front basket with stuff. Walked over and introduced myself – he’s from Greece! And has been riding a few months a year for several years. He’s currently on his way back to Italy via Croatia. Had a nice long chat before we went up to get something to eat. Hope to talk with him again before he leaves.

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