May 31 – Wednesday

Got up nice and early so I can go for a ride before it gets too hot. Church bells ringing like crazy at 6 am. Little kitty came for breakfast, but only had one portion of crunchies and one portion of fishy stuff before something on the other side of the tent caught his attention.

On the road before 8:30 – the ride was a bit hair-raising – cars here don’t give much room to bikes, and there are no bike lanes. Rode on the sidewalk when possible, but there wasn’t always one – kind of a path at times thru the weeds. Asked a guy near Split where the Roman ruins were and he tried to describe how to get there, then looked it up on his phone for me. Stay on the main road, then veer right towards Solin. Found Solin ok, then asked another guy for more directions – I was pretty close, as the ruins are right in the town, not up on a hill or anything. Ended up taking the wrong road (not much helpful signage). Back-tracked a bit and got on the right road – actually more like a path, not even paved. Found the ruins, and they are quite large. Roman name for the place was Salona, and it overlooks Split.

Left just at the right moment – a bus-load of tourists with a guide had just arrived. Saw the Fortress of Klis on a hill in the distance – might have been nice to go there but didn’t feel like the climb. I was already getting tired and could feel the sun on my arms and legs again. My lower legs are getting dark but upper legs are pasty white above my riding-shorts line.
Made it back to camp ok despite the horribly busy highway – seemed like every second car uses diesel, and the trucks – smelly! Turned off the highway a few km before the campground and took the back road that I’d ridden on Sunday – much more relaxing.

Passed more beautiful beaches – can’t believe the colour of the water in places. Got some money out of the bank machine right outside the office at the campground so I don’t have to keep putting my $2 cup of tea on Visa. Although I now had cash, it was still a bit of an issue when I went to pay for my water and more cat food at the store – it was too large a note for her and I had to use my last 10 kuna note and two 5 kuna coins. Then when I had my tea on the terrace and tried again to use a 200 kuna note it was too large for them also – the waiter had to get change from another customer.
Back at the tent for lunch – little black kitty came, but so did another little one – yet another un-fixed male of course and about the same size as little blackie. Fed them both – they didn’t get hissy until I tried to make them eat from the same dish, so had to put two dishes down for them. When I wouldn’t give them any more food they both left – little blackie actually pissed on my tent on his way by – I’ve been marked as his! Luckily the tent fly is water-proof, and apparently cat piss proof too – it washed off easily with a couple squirts from my water bottle.
Tasis (Greek fellow) came back from a ride and did a little work on my bike – fixed the rattling front fender that was out of its socket and straightend the back rack a bit. He’s going to meet some friends in Split tomorrow morning and has invited me to join him.

Decided it was time to use some of the purple hair colour that i’ve lugged around, so am sitting on a bench outside the showers/WC area with purple dye on my hair. I’m getting a few funny looks, but not as many as I might have expected.

Sun has just gone down below the horizon- still think it’s rising in the west and setting in the east – I’m so mixed up!

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