June 1 – Thursday

Didn’t get up until just before 7, and was doing a little bit of yoga before eating when Tasis took off on his bike – guess he doesn’t like waiting. That’s ok, though – I needed to do laundry anyway.

Started to feel a bit depressed and sorry for myself – wah, wah – poor me, over here on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia taking it easy when almost everyone I know is back home working…oh wait – not so sorry! Plotting my next move – to another campsite on the other side of Split? Or follow the coast down south for awhile then head east into Bosnia? Would like to try the second option but it’s a lot more difficult riding, and not sure if I can follow smaller, quieter roads to get where I want. When I go into Split on Saturday to meet up with Sue (Kathryn) I’m going to go a bit early so I can ask at the tourist office about cycling paths, etc – they’re supposed to have lots of paths around here and maybe I can get off the busy roads a bit more.
Decided it was time to test out the beach and the water – it gets a lot deeper on one side of peninsula than the other so I tried the deep side. Waited until it wasn’t quite so hot, a little later in the afternoon, and lay in the sun just a bit before going for a swim.
Water was quite nice – a mix of really warm and a bit cold, but very refreshing.

Quiet day, overall – didn’t see little black kitty, but the other small one came by for a bite to eat.

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