June 2 – Friday

Another early morning – up before 6. Saw a tent that was almost exactly the same as mine – said ‘like your tent’ to the guy that was sitting outside it – as soon as he answered I knew he was either Cdn or American. Turns out he was raised in Canada but is now a Dutch citizen. Chatted for a bit – he and his wife/girlfriend have been to Italy, crossed to Dubrovnik on a ferry, and stayed on a couple of nice islands on the way here. Split is a very big port and has ferries to and from all over the Adriatic. Little other kitty came for a bite – fairly bold fellow as he came right in my tent looking for the canned food.

Got a bike ride in before the heat hit – rode past the next town to see what the road south/east was like – pretty narrow, and busy, so doubt if I’ll go that route unless there’s a bike path I haven’t found yet.

Back at camp the little black kitty showed up again and ate as much as I would give him – looks like he’s been in another fight as more fur is missing near his right hind leg and he has a new scratch.

Had another chat with the Cdn fellow – got the names of the islands they were on, as well as the campground they stayed at that was very nice. Probably going to change my plan again – well, I don’t really have a plan, but that’s part of the plan!

Got my cup of tea on the terrace – the waiter didn’t even asked what I wanted – as soon as he saw me sit down he went to get my tea. He asked where I’m from, and when I said Canada he mentioned that he has an uncle that lives there, in Toronto.

Waited until the heat died down a bit – it actually got somewhat cloudy. Went for another swim and lay on the beach for awhile. The men here seem to like to wear speedos – some folks are just not meant to wear them!

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