June 12 – Monday

Got a bit of a late start, but took a nice ride around the area towards Buna – rode as hard as I could most of the time, and was quite tired when I returned. Lynn and John were still here, but just getting ready to leave. They told me they could have stuck my bike in their van, but I’m heading south (along the Ciro cycle trail) while they’re going north to Sarajevo. Wondered if I should make a quick change of plans and ask to go with them, but decided to keep to the plan I’ve worked out.
Took a couple of pic’s before they left, then did some more research about where I’m planning on heading next. Not very many campsites along the Ciro path, at least only one I could find between here and Metkovic, where I can catch a train back to Italy near the end of June.

Little black and white kitty heard me as soon as I sat at the table for my lunch – sure does love cheese.
Face-timed Dom – finding a new house to rent anywhere near where we are now isn’t going to be easy. We believe our landlord’s ‘situation has changed’ excuse to rescind the lease agreement we signed was based on something our neighbour might have said about the lawn not being cut. Still haven’t been told, so just a guess at this time, but we’re pretty sure it’s something ** said. Kind of crappy, since Elsbet, who used to insist on cutting the lawn has a fractured bone in her back, and Dom has an out-of-kilter neck (although he’s finally found a really good chiropractor). Lawn has been cut now and the yard looks at least as good as it did last time landlords visited, so don’t know what will happen.

Campsite host Nedzad is out in the river again cutting the grass – ha ha – what is it with cutting lawn/grass these days! There is long wavy river grass, and apparently it’s worse sooner this year than usual. Nedzad has been out in the canoe a couple of times as well as walking right in the river. The Buna is very cold so he’s in a wetsuit. They even have a bucket with ‘icy river Buna bucket challenge’ on it the river’s so cold – the ‘ice bucket challenge’ made it over here too!

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