June 13 – Tuesday

Did a bunch of laundry before heading out for another ride. Went to Buna, then turned south and up a side road up a hill – got too steep so turned back, then south again to Hodbina.
Took a side road east until it ended, then back to the M17.3 – kind of a main road, but not that busy. Went back to Blagaj the ‘long way’ and did the rest of my laundry.

Tried to find the barbershop so I could get my hair cut, but everything was closed for the afternoon. Walked down to the vendors near the dervish temple and got some more earrings.
Tried again to visit the Velagic Family Complex, but was still closed.

Landlord has decided to renew the lease after all, and has agreed to hire a yard maintenance guy to help out so the neighbours don’t freak out again about the state of the yard. Elsbet is on the mend and Dom’s new chiropractor is helping, so all is looking better.

Nephew Tim’s wife Megan had their baby months early so little fellow is in NICU in London, ON hospital – will likely be there for several weeks. Hope and pray that he will be ok, and get strong and healthy.

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