June 18 – Sunday

I’m calling this my day of rest, it being Sunday and all. Started out a bit overcast, although the wind isn’t as bad. Spent quite a bit of time at a table on the terrace playing cards while my ipad recharged, then did a bunch of research on getting north to Osijek and where to stay. Might spend a day or two in Sarajevo on the way depending on trains, etc.

Had to leave the terrace after a while to get away from the cigarette smoke – almost every adult I’ve met here smokes and even though it’s outside it still bothers me.
It got sunny later and I was going to go for a late afternoon ride but a bunch of folks arrived to eat at the restaurant so I didn’t want to leave my campsite unattended. Some other campers have also arrived – at least three vans and some tents. I think I’ve been the only camper here most of the time except for one night when some ‘British guys came back’ from somewhere. They weren’t really Brits, though – they now live in London and were driving a van with UK plates but were actually from South Africa.
Tomorrow or the next day Sandra is going to drive me up the highway to a gas station that has an ATM so I can get cash to pay my bill when I leave. I think I’ll pack up and head north Tuesday or Wednesday, riding the Ciro trail to Mostar and figuring out if train or bus will work best. Finding out online how to get from Mostar to Osijek isn’t as easy as one might think, especially since I have the bike. I’m hoping there is a train that will take me at least part of the way – I’m wary of putting my bike back on a bus. Osijek is supposed to have lots of great cycling paths and I’ve located at least a couple of nice looking campgrounds, so – fingers crossed!

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