June 19 – Monday

Got a ride with Sandra to an ATM at a gas station several miles up the highway – glad I didn’t have to ride my bike, as there is no bike-lane and very busy traffic that mostly doesn’t seem to care about cyclists. Ended up going to the outskirts of Mostar to a department store with her and while she did another errand I tried on sandals – the ones I got the other day are a little too big and bug my feet. I splurged and went for a pair that cost 7.50 MK – about $5.50 – as opposed to the ‘cheap’ pair I got the other day.

Went for a short ride after we got back to camp – up the cycle path towards Mostar a bit just to refresh my memory of what it will be like tomorrow. Kind of decided to cycle to Mostar then catch a train to Sarajevo and maybe spend a couple days there before heading further north back into Croatia.
Treated myself to another dinner at the campsite’s grill – this time meatballs with grilled zucchini and fries. Well, they were more like little sausages than meatballs, but they were tasty – had enough leftover for breakfast again.

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