June 25 – Sunday

Got up in time to see the last of the Czechs off, ate breakfast of left-overs from yesterday’s lunch. Packed up all my stuff again and did a pile of laundry. My laundry bag has sprung a second leak – I’ll try to fix it with my tire-repair glue, otherwise it’s going to get chucked.

Walked down to the sports cafe again that has the good wi-fi. Spent 2 hours there and drank one cup of tea, but did get a chicken pita sandwich to take home. Looked into buses and/or trains to Italy – it’s one thing to think I know a route but my experience here has been that it’s another thing to actually go to the station and get what I want. I’m not planning to be in a hurry tomorrow to get myself to the bus/train station (they are in the same place here). I’m just going to get there whenever is convenient for me and see what happens. I know that there are many buses a day from Sarajevo to Zagreb, which is a large hub for transit to/from Italy and will be able to continue on from there one way or another.

The old city is very different on Sunday than the other days I’ve been here. Mostly only the cafes and a few shops are open, and there’s only a fraction of the people (ie: tourists – not me!!) milling about and taking pictures.

Went into the courtyard of one of the larger mosques (the Gazi Huzrev Bey’s Mosque) since it wasn’t so crowded as it was on the other days – they wouldn’t let me into the mosque itself, though, as I was wearing shorts, but I did get some good pic’s.

It’s another very hot and sunny day here – I can’t imagine what July will be like. My hosts are busy cleaning all of the rooms for the next bunch of guests – 17 or 18 Hungarians are arriving later today on their way to the coast.

I’ve been moved to a different room – a nice private ‘double’ room with my own shower and toilet just outside, so no strangers coming and going thru my room to get to theirs.
Did a patch job on my laundry bag – we’ll see how it works next time I use it. Tightened my bike seat up, and checked the tires, etc in preparation for riding to the bus/train station tomorrow.

I could hear live Arabic music coming from the old city – apparently it’s the end of Ramadan today and there will be large celebrations.

Had a short nap, then joined Sead for his daily walk up the hill. And what a ‘hill’ it was! – the incline at times must have been almost 45%. Walked to a lookout point that had cafes and lots of people, then walked down the other side. It’s apparently part of a national park now, and the ‘back side’ of the mountain was very peaceful and quiet. You could see where the Serbian army was on all of the hilltops around during the last war, and now they have their own area inside Bosnia and Herzegovina on parts of the hills.
Got back to the hotel later than I had expected, so ate a very late dinner and decided not to go down to the old city after all, even though I can still hear music and celebrations. The Hungarians did arrive, but were later than expected because they had vehicle problems of some sort.

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