July 15 – Saturday

Had a good sleep, and got on the bike a little earlier – 10:00. Rode into the village and checked out the Exhibition – basically an indoor market of local jewelry, jams, artwork, homemade knives, etc – some really nice things. I then found the supermarket – got some fresh veggies and was a little surprised at the cost, and not in a good way. I’ve become used to super cheap food, and it seemed a little expensive – I guess that’s the price you pay to be here.

Took a ride around, heading east from the village – saw another village across the valley and think it might be the one I rode to yesterday. Continued on until just past the bridge, then rode up a couple of side roads until it became too steep. Headed back to camp on the creek path I was on yesterday.

Tried to load some pic’s but got frustrated at the slowness of the connection – sometimes it’s really fast, sometimes not so much.

Watched most of the day’s Tour on tv – found an English channel! – Froome regained yellow, and Aru looked very tired. Looking forward to seeing it in person next week.

Had fried bacon and eggs for dinner – quite a nice sunset, then to bed early. I’m alternating reading two books – one about the history of the Tour (by Graeme Fife) and the other a Jack Reacher novel.


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