August 2 – Wednesday

Rained off and on during the night – cloudy, windy day out. Had a wonderful salad for breakfast – the avocado I bought yesterday was perfect. Went for a walk to try to find a place with wi-fi – the first pub along the main road didn’t open until 12 so kept walking to the next one, about 1/2 mile further.

They didn’t have wi-fi but I stayed for a glass of Strongbow on tap anyway, because why not? They were playing a tape/cd with a man singing all sorts of cover songs, including ‘Killing me Softly’ and ‘Which way you Going, Billy’, but from a man’s point of view – it was quite funny. An older male customer was whistling along at times – he was actually quite good.

Walked back, stopping at the store on the way, and trying not to aggravate the blister on my heel.

Went to Jane’s place to use her internet – she had little Harrison again, as well as his older brother, who was upstairs most of the time playing a keyboard (not bad for a young fellow). She gave me a ‘gel pad’ for my blister, and repeated that I could come over any time if I need anything at all – she is really a very nice, kind person.

Got caught up with a bit of news etc, then went back to Colin’s. Oh – the bike is now out of the garage, although the tires are completely flat and I left my pump at Colin’s place in France. I’m sure Neil will be over again to fill them but I’m in no rush as I’m not going out again today – I’ve had enough of being outside in the misty drizzle and wind. It does get sunny every now and then, but not for long.
Finished the book I was reading and started another one. Also did some sudoku puzzles from the puzzle book I picked up at the store earlier – very exciting night ha ha.

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