August 3 – Thursday

Rain again during the night and another cloudy and windy day. Only went out to the store and back otherwise just stayed ‘home’. Discovered that I can access Jane’s wi-fi from Colin’s place, although it works best when I’m outside.

Saw Jane when she was watering Lynn’s front garden – she lent me her brand new tire pump and lock that she hasn’t even used yet, so I can get the bike on the road by myself without ‘young Neil’ having to come around again.

Got the upstairs tv working – found the cable on the floor so just plugged it into the back of the set and – voila – about 15 channels or so to choose from. Emailed back and forth a couple times with Colin – found out how to turn the heat registers on (located the remote control on the fireplace mantle).

Face-timed Dom – so good to see and hear him. Saw one kitty – other one outside on the prowl.

Watched a fairly decent movie, and got to bed slightly earlier than the last couple of nights – not a terribly exciting day, but that’s ok – you can’t have thunder and lightening or marathon travels every day!

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