August 16 – Wednesday

Got up fairly early but didn’t get going on my ride until around noon. The morning had been quite sunny but, as seems usual here, clouds moved in and the wind picked up as the day progressed.

Headed south, then west to the small town of Powich. The only times there wasn’t a cycle path or sidewalk were, thankfully, very quiet side roads so at least I wasn’t riding in fast traffic. A couple of the paths were next to very busy highways, but being on a path rather than on the road was much easier on my nerves.
Powich seemed like a very nice place but the highway goes right through the middle and traffic doesn’t seem to slow down much. I turned off the main road and followed a small side road west for a mile or so – passed some sheep farms, then turned back as the wind was getting pretty fierce and I didn’t want to get caught in a storm.

By the time I got home I’d been riding for almost 3 hours – much more ambitious than yesterday! Did some more laundry – no problem with the door this time.

Still fascinated and repulsed by the latest Trump-storm – who needs the Y&R when the president of the US can’t keep his mouth shut?

It rained off and on during the evening – sometimes quite a downpour, sometimes just drizzling – so nice to be warm and snug in Colin’s house instead of huddling in my tent.

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