August 31 – Thursday

Woke up in the middle of the night to pouring rain and howling wind. The rain eventually slacked off but the wind never quit. Just after the sun rose I thought it was going to be ok and everything would dry by the time I was ready to pack up, but then the rain started again.

Got up around 8:00 – rain had finally stopped again so I started to get ready to pack. Colin and I had a discussion over a cup of tea on whether or not we should stay another night, or continue on. We eventually decided that we might as well pack up and go, so I took the tent down and hung everything I could on the fence and the nearest olive tree to dry out as much as possible.

Went to the restaurant for a cup of tea, then back to see how things were drying. Thanks to the wind most of my stuff was ok to pack so I loaded it all in and we left Murillo de Gallego right around noon.
The whole area seems to have lots and lots of wind farms, and we passed a few solar farms as well. There also seems to be a great deal of various kinds of factory-type farming – lots of large covered barns that we guessed were chickens, although some may have been for cows. Didn’t look like any outdoor space for whatever they were.
Headed southwest to Ejea de los Cabelleros, then northwest to Sadaba, where we stopped for lunch in the shade right next to the river in the town. After we left Sadaba we continued northwest to Carcastillo, then ended up doing a little extra driving trying to find a campground for the night. Neither of us was overly thrilled with the first one we tried just outside Villfranca, so Colin looked up another one and we ended up going north to Olite. This one seemed better, so we decided to stay.

Most of the campground seemed to be permanent little cottages, some with very pretty yards, but we were directed to the very back, which was just a large field with two small buildings marked WC.

Setup next to a fence with bushes on the other side next to a small dirt road. The WC’s were nicer than they looked from the outside, complete with shower and plenty of hot water. There are lots of little white snails around – on the ground, one on the shower door, another on the WC wall, but there doesn’t seem to be a mosquito problem – I’ll take the snails any day.

Had dinner, then went to bed very early – it was still light out and I intended to read for a bit but was so tired I gave up and went to sleep. I think it was before 9:00 – the earliest in a long time.

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