September 1 – Friday

Got up before 8:00 after a pretty good, long sleep – sun shining brightly in a cloud-less blue sky. Had a nice hot shower, then did yoga in the sunshine. The tent, fly and ground cover were all soaked from the condensation, so I spread them out to dry while I ate breakfast and had tea.
We got going shortly after 11:00 and headed to Logrono – not too far a drive. Just as we entered the city we saw a big truck with a dragon on the back going around the round-about and under an underpass – it slowed right down but did manage to clear it without damaging the dragon’s horns.
Experienced a bit of frustration in the city trying to find parking so we could go into the market, so we just parked on the street (as the locals do) and set in a course for the campground instead, figuring we would find another market somewhere along the way.
Passed more signs for the Camino de Santiago, so know that one of the routes is around here somewhere. Found the campground just outside the town of Navarrete – checked in, then immediately drove back into the town to get some food. The parking lot across from the store is actually a small bull ring that’s been paved over but the seats are still there – yuck. Returned to camp, setup my tent, then had a nice lunch.

Watched the last bit of today’s Vuelta stage on the big screen in the bar – next to a table of very loud girls playing a card game of some sort. Enjoyed the local red wine – 1 euro a glass. Stayed for quite awhile and ended up having mini-pizza for dinner – I had the ‘tropical’ which included pineapple and corn, and was very tasty.

Sat and watched a bunch of kids of various ages riding their bikes up and down on the paved strip that runs from the entrance past reception and to the far fence. The smallest girl we saw couldn’t have been much more than 2 years old and was going great (on a two-wheeler with no training wheels) until she tipped over and got a scrape on her hand.

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